Birmingham Over the Mountain Area Schools – Quick Guide

Birmingham is a city with many great public schools. The public schools largely drive the real estate market here.  We have found that property values, appreciation, and stability are highly correlated to the school districts.  Multiple school districts have high and relatively consistent market demand at a wide variety of price points.  Many newcomers are pleasantly surprised by the cost of living, lower taxes, and quality of the public schools.  Local universities have excellent education programs that provide well trained teachers.

Highlights & Strengths


Academics, academic teams, baseball, wrestling, soccer, golf, tennis, lacrosse, track, cross-country, high level of scholarships, very high parent involvement and active parent teacher organizations (PTO), excellent libraries, higher taxes, no buses, Jefferson County, 7A. All Vestavia Elementary schools are currently in high demand.


Breadth of activities and special programs, engineering and business programs, music, nationally ranked football, basketball, track, volleyball, softball, and all sports, high level of academic and sports scholarships, active parent teacher organizations (PTO), excellent libraries, new construction options, buses, Jefferson County, 7A. Bluff Park and Deer Valley Elementary schools are currently in high demand.

Spain Park

Excellent facilities, music, art, breadth of special programs, football, baseball, soccer, golf, lacrosse, buses, Shelby County, 7A. Riverchase and Greystone Elementary are popular schools.

Mountain Brook

Resources, academics, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, golf, tennis, volleyball, fraternities & sororities, higher taxes, no buses, high level of scholarships and Ivy League acceptance, local merchants, exceptional parks, classic homes and estates, luxury condos and town homes, convenient to downtown, no buses, 7A. Mountain Brook and Crestline Elementary are in high demand.

Oak Mountain

Fine arts, marching band, soccer, lacrosse, mountain biking team, convenient to state’s largest state park that has excellent trails for hiking, running, and biking, lower taxes, Shelby County, 7A


Convenient to downtown, large and respected marching band, basketball, excellent parks and recreation, pedestrian friendly, local merchants, extremely popular neighborhoods and community, classic and historic homes, condos, townhomes, Jefferson County, 6A. Shades Cahaba and Edgewood Elementary schools are in extreme demand.


Newest facilities, baseball, historic downtown, buses, low taxes, Shelby County, new construction options, Shelby County, 6A