Homewood Continues in Popularity & Appreciation

People are often intrigued by the pace of redevelopment and by the rapid increase of home prices in Homewood. My mother-in-law bought in Homewood 10 years ago, so we frequent Edgewood and downtown Homewood. It is as simple and understandable as this:

1. Professionals and families want convenience and they are willing to pay for it. Homewood is close to UAB, which is Alabama’s largest employer, St. Vincent’s, and is home to Brookwood Medical Center Most medical professionals need to be close to the hospital and their offices. Downtown Birmingham has long been a hub of some of the largest and most successful regional banks. These banks’ headquarters and their service centers, coupled with state’s leading law firms are primarily located in the Homewood and downtown Birmingham areas. Many of the professionals in these growing organizations fall in love with Homewood. Downtown Homewood’s addition of upscale condos and apartments have furthered this trend.

2. Trends in housing have moved towards charm, community, and amenities. Homewood has charm! From its local and independent merchants and restaurants to its fabulous parks for kids, Homewood gets a 10 out of 10 for an old fashioned community where children roam and play freely and safely. Just recently, a client told me that she was eating ice cream at Edgewood Creamery and three young girls came in together after school. This made my client flash back to the safe neighborhoods of old and made her fall in love with the idea of living in Homewood.

Nationally known architects and craftsmen have renovated historic homes of all sizes. The streets are full of runners and pets and baby joggers abound. Houses of worship and early childhood education centers are within walking distance of most homes. And if running the sidewalks isn’t your game, the City of Homewood recently refurbished its recreational center that offers a gym, workout facility, and an amazing children’s pool with slides and a huge adult pool.

3. Schools, schools, schools…Shades Cahaba and Edgewood are extremely popular public schools in the center of their neighborhoods where school children walk to and home from school daily. Hall Kent is nationally recognized for academic excellence and parent involvement. Homewood The modern middle school just opened and its high school has award-winning music and sports programs along with excellent academics.

Homewood’s sports and recreation have great facilities with strong youth football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and lacrosse programs. Homewood has excellent public tennis courts and is convenient to Ross Bridge Resort, which hosted the Regions Senior Tour Golf Championship.

When you combine convenience, amenities, community, and schools, the result is strong demand. Demand is so strong that often often, when families need more room or want to upgrade, they find it more economical to add on to their existing home than to purchase another. Therefore, Homewood has been aggressively revitalizing for over 20 years and the progress shows in home value.